Relax with Ayurved

Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust was founded in 1954 by Shri. Prabhakar Keshav Sardeshmukhmaharaj, with the blessings of Sadguru Mali Maharaj. It is an organization dedicated to the propogation of the ancient Science of Ayurved.

Ayurveda is a science of life and it's aim is to maintain the health of healthy persons and to cure diseased persons. Ayurved Hospital and Research Centre of Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust has been founded to propogate Ayurved science and to achieve its aim.

Ayurved Hospital and Research Centre has a well-equipped Panchakarma unit at Wagholi.

Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust is proud to announce a new project 'Relax with Ayurved' under the Panchakarma Unit. It contains some relaxation procedures with knowledge of Ayurveda.


Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust's Ayurved Hospital and Research Centre is located at Vishwashanti Dham, Wagholi, Pune. It is 15 kms. from the Pune railway station and 2 kms. from the Pune-Nagar Road onWade-Bolhai Road, 200 kms. from Bombay airport.

Your 7 Days Healthy Schedule goes like this:

6.00 a.m. - Good Morning !
6.30 a.m.- Enjoy Herbal Tea
7.00 a.m. - Morning Walk
8.00 a.m.- Get yourself checked by the Doctor
9.00 a.m. Have a light breakfast
9.30 a.m.
to 11.00 a.m.

Relax with some of the Ayurvedic Procedure / Treatments -
Like Shirodhara, Abhyanga (Massage), Swedana (Steam bath) etc. as advised by the doctor.

12.00 p.m.- Have nutritious Ayurvedic Lunch
1.00 p.m. Short rest
2.00 p.m.
to 3.30 p.m.
Training on Introduction of Ayurved (except sunday)
4.30 p.m.

Refreshing snacks with beverages

5.00 p.m. Relax and Break for Homework
5.30 p.m. Meditation / Yoga / Music Relaxation
7.00 p.m. Have a good Ayurvedic Dinner
9.00 p.m. Have a sound sleep.
Goodnight !

Introduction to Ayurved

Duration : 7 Days (with 1 rest day)

Time : 2.00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. (1 1/2 hrs /day)

Language: English (Translation facility available with before intimation and extra charges for that.)

Course Contents:

1. Let us learn about the Pillar of Ayurveda (Basic Concepts of Ayurveda)

2. Ayurvedic Life Style (Daily Regimen and Seasonal Regimen as advised by Ayurveda)

3. Ayurvedic Fitness (Health Care)

4. About your Constitution (Prakruti)

5. Ayurvedic Culinary (Ayurvedic Indian Cooking with Recipies)

6. Grooming by Ayurveda (Beauty Care)

7. The ABC of Yoga (Yoga - Introduction)

8. Cure in Kitchen (Home Remedies)

Questions and Answers

Lectures will be conducted for seven days except Sunday from 2.00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. (1 Hour for teaching and 30 mints. for Interaction)

The Services Provided by the hospital

  • Well equipped furnished rooms.
  • Well equipped treatment room attached to cottage room.
  • Qualified experienced staff.
  • Ayurvedic diet prepared according to the advice of the consultant.
  • Attendant for Laundry, Washing of utensils.
  • 24 hours service provided.
  • Clothes provided by hospital to be used during the treatment.
  • Other necessities like soap, tissue roll provided by the hospital.
  • PCO / STD / ISD Telephone facilities available (with extra charges).
  • Traveling faciltiy arranged from Pune or Mumbai as per the requirement with prior intimation only. (with extra charges.)


1. Admission for 'Relax with Ayurved' will be given by prior appointment only.

2. The type of Ayurvedic Treatment will be planned accordingly.

3. Relaxing treatment will not be given during the menstrual cycle.

4. Relaxing treatment will not be given in some contra indicated conditions like fever, diarrhoea etc. and in some emergencies.

5. After admission, we will take care of your valuables, passport, money etc.

6. Payment fo the hospital bill should be done on the day of admission.


For 7 days - 700 US$

For the cloths and other amenities provided - 70 US$

For the day without treatment - 70 US$

Extra Charges will be levied for Telephone, Traveling, Fax and Translator.


Extra Charges will be levied for Telephone, Traveling, Fax and Translator.

Project Director

Dr.S.P.Sardeshmukh (Ph.D.) - Director Ayurved Hospital & Research Centre, Wagholi, Pune


Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust's
Ayurved Hospital & Research Centre

"Vishwa Shanti Dham", Wagholi,
Tal. Haveli, Dist. Pune - 411001. INDIA.

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